Rafael Casal | #SPELLS (#NEWPOETS)
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A troubled one, they warned
Best not to play handkerchief to her
Said there is no honor dying by the side 
Of a woman who wouldn’t save herself
But my type of fool
Is easily bewitched by a haunted girl
Who doesn’t know how 
The ghosts got in her soul 
Never seems fair
To solitude a struggling heart, does it
If i’m watching her willow tree in the wind
Everyone else sees the girl
Melting her way to the floor
But I see a warrior, strapping her waist
To the few anchoring faiths she has
So she can weather a twisting wind
That keeps trying to 
Drown her thoughts with darkness
And sometimes when her grip slips
She reaches for me, she does
And there a rock I am turned again
For I love me a woman 
who is fighting something
Even if it’s herself
Sure, a spell under, Am I 
But is that not proof enough
That there is magic in her
Worth helping her hunker down for