“I don’t die, I am told I multiply.” -Chinaka Hodge

“They’ll say in class he seems lost, I say his mind has free sight.” -Rafael Casal

“Embrace your contradictions, because nothing is truer.” -Daveed Diggs

I’m such a huge fan of everything Get Back and this video shows a little bit of why.

They’re like sunflowers grown in the cracked concrete of the hood, standing tall and shining a light on the cities they’re from, proving there is beauty, intelligence and talent there that should not be overlooked:

Chinaka is beautiful and powerful, her words make visible issues that people attempt to ignore. She’s incredibly smart and creative. A lot of times I feel like the term ”strong black woman,” is misused, Chinaka however is incredibly strong. Her honesty is gut-punching, there is so much truth and creativity in this woman. READ HER FUCKING BLOG, she’s amazing.

Rafael is one of those rare dreamers, who isn’t satisfied with simply having goals, he hustles like a motherfucker to accomplish them. He’s an incredible talent and I’m fascinated by his mind; his poetry and music is more than simply entertaining, it’s intelligent. This is not some uneducated kid from the hood who has dreams of becoming an “eezy,” the man drops knowledge. Check out his blog.

Daveed is freaking dope. His words are powerful and clever. He’s one of those musicians whose music you can listen to over and over again and pick up something new each time. Daveed is also really smart and he doesn’t hide that. It’s incredibly refreshing to see a rapper who doesn’t hide the fact that he’s educated. Here’s his blog.

In addition to music, education and poetry, The Get Back is very involved theatrically. Rafael and Daveed are both actors and Chinaka and Rafael are also playwrights. It makes me so bummed that I live in LA when I hear they’ve got a new play out, like Rafael’s latest play, The Limp.

These are just three members of a larger, very skilled, very intelligent, talented team. I definitely suggest EVERYONE check them out. 

Also, their band is dope. 

And how freaking cool are the walls in that place?!

I’ll stop gushing now.